Investment APPROACH

We back entrepreneurs to acquire SMEs for them to operate as first-time CEOs

We focus on profitable companies in B2B service industries without succession and with untapped growth potential

We invest in businesses with recurring revenue and clear avenues for value-creation.

We partner with entrepreneurs who want to operate such businesses and support them with capital for search, due dilligence and acquisition.

We operate as part of a syndicate of minority investos who collectively take control of the companies.

We act as active investors within the syndicate and investor syndicate and invest a disproportionate amount of time and effort in mentoring our entrepreneurs.

SEARCH-PHASE Investments

We partner with Entrepreneurs who aspire to acquire a business

We invest in high-potential individuals who can become first-time CEOs of an SME.

What we value

  • Professional record of excellence combining operational and project management experience
  • Strong desire to go above and beyond to identify and acquire a quality business in order to become its CEO.
  • ZMature, self-aware personalities that operate with humility, transparency and empathy.
  • PComplementarity with our team and personal click.

Our process

Phase 1

Introductory meetings with all members of the team.

Phase 2

Discussion of Self-Assessment tests and partnership expectations


We make ourselves available

All searchers matched with one of our team members, who can act as sparring in deal selection discussion, negotiation brainstorming, etc.

Regular alignments

The entire team sits regularly with each entrepreneur to maintain alignment in terms of investment appetite and share business networks.


We invest in consolidate businesses

We only invest in businesses with recurring revenue and clear avenues for value-creation

What we value

  • Sustainable competitive advantage supported by historic performance.
  • High share of recurring revenue and simple operations.
  • Fragmented industries with favourable trends and barriers to entry.
  • High levels of EBITDA-to-Cash conversion rates.
  • Aligned owner ready to sell at a fair price and willing to participate in the next phase with some skin in the game (seller earn-outs and/or re-investment along new owners).
  • Possibilities to explore inorganic growth.
  • Realistic possibilities for mid-term exit when the company has been taken to the next level.

Our process involves



Priority attention to our invested search funds, but complete readiness to review equity gaps and self-funded deals


Close deal-analysis

Close deal-analysis involving 1 team member and 1 industry expert.


Deal structuring

Availability to contribute on deal structuring possibilities on the basis of both our direct personal experience and the experiences shared with prior searchers


Pitch filtering

Quick filter decisions in Pitch calls with all team members involved


First conversations

Initial conversations focused on core business matters: product, customers, revenue generation, loyalty, scalability, working capital…


Due diligence

On-site visits for due diligence, network sharing for independent sector opinions and support with seller conversations (only upon requests)