We are experienced investors and operators specialized in Search Funds

We make active investments in exceptional SMEs via Search Funds and other forms of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisitions at a global scale.

We are hands-on Search Fund investors at the service of the community

  • We are former entrepreneurs that have executed 3 self-funded search acquisitions ourselves (majority stakes).
  • We have invested in over 20 search funds and in 13 SF-backed companies.
  • We are an international and complementary team, fully available to serve our portfolio companies beyond expectations,


We invest in exceptional SMEs worldwide

 We focus on consolidated SMEs with a history of profitability that can be acquired at reasonable prices.

  • Local economies are filled excellent SMEs that at some point in time face succession issues and – for size reasons – raise limited interest for PE firms and M&A brokers.
  • We are interested in excellent SMEs only. Companies with high-quality recurrent revenue, with a long history of stable profitability and potential for additional growth. Companies with fragmented sectors with high margins and barriers to entry.
  • We are not interested in turn-arounds or aggressive plans, but in legacy protection and strengthening of as successful business model.
  • We are keen to have re-investing owners that wish toare our journey


We embrace the Classic Search Fund model

The Search Fund model constitutes a unique path to investing in smaller private companies

  • Search Fund acquisitions started in the US back in 1984 and have a history of 38 years track record with success rate of over 90%.
  • Search Funds target consolidated SMEs, covering a social need for business and employment continuation upon retirement of their founders.
  • Search Fund entrepreneurs avoid competition with Private Equity Firms because they focus on smaller deals and are ready to move on to run such companies themselves.
  • Entrepreneurs are the cornerstone of the model, which relies on their potential as CEOs and their ability to click with owner of the target company.
  • Investors bring experience and business networks that help companies develop further than ever under the new management.
  • The model provides investors and entrepreneurs a perfect context for mutual fit assessment and alignment of incentives, that results in (1) respecting the Entrepreneurs need to operate with certain freedom on the day-to-day, (2) providing entrepreneurs the possibility to earn equity for up to 30% of the Company and (3) providing substantial returns for investors with moderate risk.


We are an experienced team of investors and operators

We get actively involved in all stages of the process to best utilize our experience and the potential of our network for the benefit of our Companies, Entrepreneurs and peer Investors. 

Investment Team

Franc Gómez-Landero

Founding Partner

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Paz Ambrosy

Venture Partner 

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Michel Welters

Operating Partner

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Jorge Ross

Investment Director

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Nikolai Tsvetkov

Portfolio Manager 

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personal TRACK RECORD IN management buyouts

We did our own management buyouts before investing in others

 We executed 2 management buyouts ourselves in traditional, non search fund formats. We have experienced the M&A roller-coaster, dealt with challenges in operational performance and managed exit.

Gravity Works: specialists in the world of prevention

In July 2022, Franc Gómez-Landero led the acquisition of Barcelona-based company Gravity Works S.L. in a deal involving one co-investor and commercial financing. The company provides safety solutions for the construction industry and employs 90 employees

Preflex: innovative and eco-friendly solutions for the construction industry

In 2005, Michel Welters made an entrepreneurial acquisition of a Belgian company in the construction materials distribution industry. The deal involved financing from a PE firm and a self-financed search. Michel was able to double the company’s size, penetrated the French market through a build-up strategy, and started a greenfield subsidiary in Spain, to successfully exit after 10 years of running the company.

company values

Small-cap investments with the highest private equity standards

We invest a disproportionate amount of time and effort in each deal, and get compensated with the extra returns that come with investing our own capital.


We invest with discipline and attention to detail regardless of the deal size.


We pride to act in a clear, pre-announced mannerand make eforceable commitments to our investor and business owners in the long-term.


We co-invest with our limited partners in all assets and investment vehicles.


We do not compete with our advisory clients and/or our search fund entrepreneurs, and reject any engagement that can potentially limit our freedom of thought and action.


We focus on exceptional opportunities with significant return potential and moderate risk.


We play by the rules and adhere to the highest standards with regards to financial auditing, tax compliance and KYC/AML regulations.

Advisory Board


Emmanuel Garcin

Software & Customer Centricity T

Antoni Codinas

Strategy & Operations

Josep Miró Olivé

Manufacturing & Engineering

Víctor Corominas

Logistics & Accelerated Growth