We invest in consolidated B2B companies that are profitable and have avenues for additional growth

Investments in SMEs via the Search-Fund model

We have so far invested in 8 classic search fund deals that

  • Targeted consolidated companies with a strong share of recurrent revenues.
  • Operated in fragmented industries with favourable tailwinds.
  • Considered fair terms, involved selling owners and optimized the use of leverage.
  • Were led by exceptional searchers who have demonstrated maturity and trustworthiness.
  • Allowed for our team to bring something special to the table.


We have backed 8 search-fund deals in operational companies

Our expertise at the service of searchers acquiring and growing SMEs

We are strong believers of the search fund model at its core, and we make sure to discard any deal that does not comply with its requirements:

  • Quality Recurrent Revenue
  • Long history of profitability and steady growth
  • Capital efficiency and high cash conversion
  • Attractive investment terms and high acquisition leverage
  • Growing, fragmented industry with tail winds
  • Alligned seller
  • Reliable entrepreneur 


Our protfolio on averages






Cash Conversion


MEXICO | 2020

IT Service Provider & Software Distributor for Card Payments

Moneta Technologies integrates specialized multi-vendor 3rd party solutions to its AAA customers, enabling them to perform mission-critical tasks related to their digital payments’ capacity

SPAIN | 2021

High-end Fleet Tracking & Monitoring SaaS Business

TDI is an engineering & tech company in the logistics and transportation space, which provides technical parameters, GPS localization, driver assistance, among others. All in real-time

SPAIN | 2021

Niche Provider of Power Solutions Testing Devices Sold to R&D Labs Wolrdwide 

Cinergia designs and assembles proprietary hardware and software to produce AC/DC testing equipment for industrial and R&D centers and universities

FRANCE | 2021

HR Software for the Performing Arts Space and Other Verticals with Intermittent Staff

GHS provides payroll software for entertainment professionals, mainly with its inhouse software: sPAIEctacle 

SPAIN | 2021

Scientific Instrumentation Distributor for R&D and O&M Solutions 

IESMAT is a scientific instrumentation distributor leader in its niche, with +15 years of experience and a strong market position regarding R&D and O&M solutions.

SPAIN | 2022

High-Quality Sauces Producer and Distributer, Leader In Its Niche 

With +20 years of experience, Cropsalsa
is the leader in the development and production of high-quality custom-made sauces for the food industry

SPAIN | 2022

Trading Platform for the Auto-Parts Industry 

RecambioFacil is a SaaS solution/marketplace for the car repositioning market with more than 10 million units available

FRANCE | 2022

B2B Distributor of Organic Ingredients for Food & Cosmetics

With an extensive and diversified portfolio of products, built across its +20 years of existance, ActiBio attends the European food and cosmetics industry