INTERIM management

We deliver results not recommendations

Our team of interim executives are engaged for limited periods of time to take ownership of key roles in organizations in special situations.

We are appointed by shareholders, creditors and administrators of companies to run day-to-day operations as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Project Management Officer.

Our clients are Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Innovative Ventures in all stages that aim to reach the next level of face special situations such as continuity issues, succession plan, new shareholders, post-merger integration or financial distress.

Our interim executives have solid experience in operational roles as CEO, CFO, COO and PMO/PMI and are used to executing time-constrained engagements as consultants for enterprises of all sizes, M&A processes and liquidation processes.

Mission Executives

Dani Fernández-Goula

Interim CFO & COO

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Phil Christmas

Interim CFO

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Franc Gómez-Landero i Vila

Rafael Sauri

Consumer Finance

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Rubén Juan Juan

Consumer Products & Engineering

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SPAIN | 2020

Corporate Structuring and Financing at Mutter Ventures

Building of internal structures and departments to prepare a venture builder company to successfully raise funds and scale.

RWANDA | 2017

Turn-around at King Faisal Hospital

Operational restructuring to re-position the main tertiary hospital in Rwanda as a centre of excellence in the region, while improving quality and reducing costs at the same time.

CHILE | 2013

PMI at Verisure-Securitas Direct 

Integration of two players in the monitored alarms industry, Verisure and Patrol, involving 5,000 customers and 50 employees.

SPAIN | 2012

Keeping TV commercial costs controlled

CFO responsibility at Goodgate Productions and executing complex projects for Nike, Mercedes and…